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Henri Morez (1922-2017) | French | Newspaper cartoons


Ancre 1


A famous caricaturist and painter, Henri Morez was born in Romania in 1922. He emigrated to Paris with his family in 1927 where his talents were quickly noticed, participating into his first painting exhibition at the Salon d’Automne in 1938, aged only 16.


From the 1950s onwards, he dedicated his time to caricatures, publishing in newspapers and magazines as diverse as France Dimanche, Paris Match, Jours de France, Le Figaro Littéraire, Stern and Punch. He was awarded the Robert Carrizet Prize of Humor in 1954. Sempé, Goscinny Cabu and Uderzo were his friends. Uderzo was due to preface his next book of drawings before he passed away in 2017.


The original drawings proposed by the gallery directly come from the artist's workshop.



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