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LosOtros Mj Tom | France | Contemporary art


Ancre 1


Living between Berlin, Barcelona and Paris, Mj Tom founded with his alter ego Andrea Nada the Visual Poetry | Urban Art Group LosOtros in 2003. His current work includes mixed media, collage, sculpture, installation and digital printing. Irreverent and fleeting, he defines himself as a copy machine of art, a sarcastic and a deliberate anonymous: “I don’t want much to be known about me. I am not trying to be elusive as some people might say. I just think what is important is the artwork, not the artist. I want you to have my work on your wall, not based on who I am, where I have studied or where I have exhibited my work. I don’t want to get between you and the artwork. I want to live quietly behind it…"

On his recent portrait series: "Faces, pseudo familiar situations, characters belonging to various walks of life… they all project emotions with such a warm identity... Ι represent ordinary people; those actors unaware of being protagonists of present days and to represent them in spite of a reality in half-tone that essentially results in a kind of summary, which, in the end, is life! An arrested motion in time."

Limited editions


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