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Alexandre Kazar | French | Contemporary art


Ancre 1


London-based French contemporary artist Alexandre Kazar made a vow to simplicity. In order to depict scenes that seem to have reached their peak of intensity, he plays with the contrast brought by the use of black and white colors, and only sometimes a touch of red comes to disturb the composition, by adding a layer of violence to it.


After making his debuts with stencils, he developped his own and unique "surgeon technique", cutting, with a scalpel, tape directly placed on canvases, a technique that allows for a rare precision. The contrast in colors and light brought to the composition by this technique allows the viewer to enjoy a modular optical effect. The further the viewer is from the work, the clearer the composition appears to him, as if Alexandre wanted to accentuate the distance between those historical scenes he represented and the ordinary viewer that we are.


His recent "surgical" works propose reinterpretation of classic works, from Renaissance paintings to modern photographs. After participating to the Tour Paris 13 project in 2013, for which he painted an outdoor fresca, Alexandre exhibited his works in Paris and London.

Limited editions


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