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Astro Boy (1980-1981) | Japan | Japanese animation

The anime

Ancre 1


Written between 1952 and 1968 by Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atomu) tells the story of Astro (Atomu), a robot created by Dr. Tenma to replace its deceased son. Deceived by its creation, he sold him to a cruel circus owner. The professor Ochanomizu will find him there and adopt him. Realizing its gigantic powers as well as its ability to experience human emotions, he will help Astro to fight crime and injustice, and defend the Earth from invaders.


The manga Astro Boy has been adapted into several TV series in the 60s, the 80s and 00's. The black and white series from the 60s was the first to be broadcasted abroad. It has marked a generation. A movie was realeased in theaters in 2009.


For more information, we recommend these two documentaries:

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