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Berhart Claderes (1956) | France | Contemporary art


Ancre 1


Berhart is a jack-of-all trades. A street artist in the early 80's, realising stencils and placing stickers all over the streets of Toulouse, France, he is chosen to take over the comic book Les Pieds Nickelés from scriptwriter and illustrator René Pellos in 1988, an experience that will lead him to become the editor of comic magazine Azimut in the mid-90's. Taking advantage of the digitalisation movement in the editing industry, he founded in 2008 Caramba ! Publishing, an innovative e-book publishing company.


Despite his diverse activities, Berhart never stopped drawing and painting. His work, strongly inspired by the street-culture and American comics, is at the forefront of Pop Art, Pop Surrealism, and Symbolism. Each of his compositions conveys a dense message, both critical and uninhibited, questioning the cultural and social chaos of the 21st century. His series of black and white drawings, swarming with esoteric, political, mystical and alchemical reflexions, divert classical works as well as references and imagery of popular culture, giving them a new meaning and a strong symbolic. Berhart enjoys very much being commissioned artworks.



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