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Combo Culture Kidnapper (1987) | France | Street art


Ancre 1


After several years experimenting the graffiti in Southern France and a detour through an advertising agency, Combo (or Combo Culture Kidnapper) is currently focussing on visual hijacking, a shift best illustrated by his cartoon series in which he manipulates iconic images, replacing some elements with others from popular comics or video games to best convey his messages. His works often involve "temporary exhibitions" in the street, so as to bring his art before the widest possible public. By appealing to generation Y’s pop culture, he hits his target right, leading spectators to reflect on the many injustices of our world, be they cultural, financial or identitarian.


Combo's work was exhibited in the prestigious Montrouge fair in 2012. Since then, several of his works have been sold by major auction houses, while he continues alternating between street works in France and abroad, and exhibitions. In 2015, his message "Coexist" continued to increase his popularity across the globe.



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