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Florent Touchot (1978) | French | Collages


Ancre 1


With a background in communication and advertising, Florent draws on a sharp sense of composition to work with paper posters, a raw and urban material allowing him to best express his creativity and sensitivity. He applies a variety of techniques such as photography, acrylic, collage, laceration or plexiglas on posters that he retrieves directly from the streets or subways or acquires in flea markets.


By removing and adding layers of paper, he reveals, hides or shapes stories, his stories. The result speaks to each one of us, reflecting the chaotic process in which we organise and use our memory. The objects, characters, colours or words that we catch a glimpse of on his canvases give birth to deeply rooted souvenirs from our past.


Inspired by the pop and urban culture, his work conveys a dynamic and colourful feel. Florent currently lives in Marseille, France. He recently participated recently in international art fairs in London, Singapore and Toronto.



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