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Jungle (1968) | French | Street art


Ancre 1


Fueled by experiences in the fields of cinema, comics and web design, Jungle's art is best represented today through the "RaidDog", a playful character taking the form of a dog in the numerous technical and media experimentations of the artist, that all together enrich its background and personality. Alternating between naivety and destruction, it covers both the spontaneity of childhood and the instinctual conflicts of adulthood. This polarity is exacerbated by the choice of a color – red –, which vehiculates passion, danger, heat or rage.


In 2014, Jungle was invited to participate in the exhibition "The energy in my city" curated by utilities company EDF. The same year, he realized the monumental WaitchDog installation (12 x 8 x 6.5 m) at the 6B in Saint-Denis, in the surroundings of Paris.



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