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Onemizer (1987) | French | Street art


Ancre 1


Visiting Paris and its surroundings acted like a revelation for young Onemizer. Little by little did he slip into the underground graffiti scene, practicing his art on abandoned warehouses and railway tracks. After high school, he entered a design school but quickly decided to go his own way. Pushed by his close friends, Onemizer started working on canvases and other “inside” media, to be able to show his world to a larger public.


The success of his first exhibitions quickly led him to widen his audience and his work is now regularly exhibited in Singapore, Dubai, the UK or in France. A funny fact: he participated in 2014 in the realization of the world’s largest Street Art canvas in Dubai, together with 149 other artists. Inspired by Modern masters such as Basquiat and Warhol, Onemizer sources his inspiration in the daily simple life, in people who made their market in their times. Explosive!



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