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Pop-Eye (1985) | French | Street art


Ancre 1


"See, wonder, react". Pop-Eye’s motto is constructed on a need to bring life to art (life to art works as well), which he realises through an intelligent game of trompe-l’oeil, see-through, angles, reflections and urban scenography. A light and colour aficionado, Pop-Eye dominantly uses acrylic, ceramic and glass paint on mirrors to craft his artworks, that he often glues in strategic locations in Paris, to arouse unexpected, innovative and playful interactions with the public, whose role evolves from being a spectator to an actor.


Since childhood, Pop-Eye has been a passionate illustrator, drawing for hours and hours (and hours) in his father’s tailor shop. His elaborate lines and captivating colours feel psychedelic, tribal, religious, and reflect his visceral need to express and share his creativity.


Pop-Eye frequently collaborates with other Parisian street artists such as Gregos, Seb Leca, Diamant or Sifat. His work was exhibited in several Parisian Urban Art galleries. He was recently invited to decorate a piano within the Play Me I'm Yours happening in Paris.


To see Pop-Eye in action, watch the videos below:



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